In market for second hand stoves

second hand stoves

We are going to install second hand stoves next

We are going to be installing three second hand stoves into a few rental properties we co-own. We have been think about doing this for ages now and when I got a deal at a liquidation sale on three really nice second hand stoves we decided to start doing this with some of our portfolio to see if we could get more yield from these houses.

The three stoves were bought for less than a thousand pounds and I know for sure I could re-sell these for more and make a handsome profit but we have long been admirers of stoves and thought they would add both value to our properties but also and possibly more importantly add desirability for them to potential tenants.

Second hand stoves bought now onto fitting

We had now finally purchased not one but three second hand stoves and next up was the fitting. A mate of ours owed us a favour and so offered to sign off the work that we would complete, he is Hetas registered and would give us the peace of mind and paperwork for all the legalities and insurance needs. He even let us buy the materials through him which saved us about another £1000 on the project.

Fitting the stoves was awkward really they are really heavy and its all a bit fiddly and laborious. Basically it involved opening up the chimney and dropping a flexible liner down the chimney once that was done you attach the stove pipe to it after fitting a register plate which is thunder bolted into the chimney recess out of site. The liner is then pulled back up to the correct height inside and a cowl fitted and chimney resealed. The stove is then fitted onto the pre-laid hearth and pipework attached and secured. The whole system is now as one and can be tested and signed off.

It took us about a day to do the and we felt it best to do the three second hand stoves before they were all signed off at once.

Our friend came out to sign off the second hand stoves

We have all the work completed within a week and in typical British fashion it rained heavily so we new the jobs were all water tight and not going to leak which was a relief. We have lost count of the times a leak has caused major grief when a problem with a chimney has arisen.

Paul came out straight away to be fair to him and after a thorough look at it all and a pressure and smoke test he was happy to sign off all the work and give us a Hetas Certificate. Normally this costs about £100 on mates rates but we got it for £50 all in and were over the moon with that.

We are really happy with the end result and for the money we spent I can definitely see the benefits of doing it. The second hand stoves cleaned up really well and a tin of stove paint has made them look brand new.

Name plaques were last touch

We wanted the name plaques for that extra special finish

We have just fitted the name plaques as the final touch

We have just finished a small development of three large detached properties and as a final touch ordered name plaques for the entrance and exit gates of this gated and closed space. This is the culmination of a year of really hard work and some fruity moments in the business, Seeing the name plaques being fitted did bring an enormous sense of achievement to us and allowed us to finally stand back and enjoy the finished project from a distance.

We already have an agent on the case for the sales and I was delighted to find out that we already have one offer on a property that someone came in to view whilst we were putting the finishing touches to it. We have had a few walk in’s through the build and we always welcome that kind of interaction with potential interested parties. Seeing us at work allows them to get an understanding of the way we do things and the type of finish that we expect from all our work. They can see the materials being used and talk through any aspect of the project so they get an understanding of what makes us different.

Name plaques done we just have to sell them

With the estate agents having viewings every day since we opened the site for the public officially we have been surprised and happy with the interest so far already. Its been a 3 weeks and we have solid interest on every one of the three houses with one offer of 5k below asking for the biggest of the three houses. We have yet to decide whether to take the offer although given the interest we may well hold out for the full price.
If we can sell the houses then I will be going on a well deserved holiday before we embark on the next stage in our growth. We have plans for a 5 plot site, not as grand as the three we have just done but still in a nice sought after area and with good revenue predictions. Before we get into that little beauty though I want some sun on my back and to rest my aching bones.

We may always use name plaques to finish off

One revelation for our development was the final piece of the puzzle and an idea born from a mate we were having a pint with. When we told him we doing the development he was pulling our leg about moving up in the world and that we should get name plaques fitted to our posh pads. We had a laugh at first but when we sat and thought about it we went from amused to interested in a very short space of time.
We got a quote for the name plaques that same week and although they were not cheap they really do add a lovely finishing touch to the development and that is what we are always trying to achieve.

I am supporting Holland now using free bet no deposit offers

Finding free sports bet no deposit offers

My free bet no deposit find

I saw an advert at half time of a World Cup football match and then logged on to start finding free bet no deposit offers. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing as I was watching the amazing game between Spain and Holland. I was watching what I though t would be a fairly easy win for Spain but was I wrong! The game was a 100 mile an hour affair from the moment it kicked off but when it ended 1-5 I was blown away.

At half time I sat watching the ad break when an advert for Paddypower came through offering a free bet no deposit offer on the Dutch to go on and win the game at 3 to 1. I had my laptop next to me and thought what the hell. A couple of minutes later I had my new account open and sure enough a welcome bonus had been added ready for my bet on Holland.

I used the whole of my free bet no deposit bonus on the game

It wasn’t my money I was using so I put the lot on Holland to win by two goals which had better odds that the straight bet. It was a bit of a long shot as Spain were, up until Brazil, a world renowned side and current World Champions but they just didn’t look right to me even if they were one of the fancied World Cup teams.

Second have got under way and I settled down to watch the second 45 minutes. Although I had tipped them to win I didn’t expect them to come out and destroy the Spanish side like they did. It was a terrific game and a delight to watch and seeing the rampant dutch team get me a little cheeky free bet no deposit win was a huge bonus.

Now I had extra on top of my free bet no deposit bonus

Final whistle and my family could not understand why I was so passionate about Holland until I showed them my winnings! I know had plenty to look at some of the other games and had a great laugh going through a few of the big games coming up and having a bet for free on them. I have got a fiver on Brazil to lift the cup and although they have looked less than impressive you still cannot bet against them coming good. Neymar looks like a terrific player and although there was a bit of an injury scare thankfully for the sake of my free sports bet no deposit punt he will play.

I think they will will start to come to life now last game was nervous and close but they came through and that will give them that mental boost I think they needed. I can’t understand Fred’s involvement as he has looked dreadful so far but he was pulled off last time out so hopefully they will give someone else a chance.

My advice is get online now and try to find a free bet no deposit offer that suits you.